The Lumees: Mayhem

The King's crown has been stolen by the pesky Grumples and it's your job to help the Lumees get the crown back. In this match 4 game, use the grid to catch the falling Lumees and take out the Grumples with the Lumees' special powers. Keep sliding, keep catching and keep matching in this highly addictive adventure. Do you have what it takes to complete the Lumees quest?

About Preanima

Preanima Studios is an independent development team, which was founded in 2009. We have members with over 15 years of experience in the games industry, who have worked for several well-known publishers and developers.

Frequently Ask Questions

Here are six of the most important questions, which we think you may ask. Did we get it right, did we read your mind?

Who are you guys?

We are a group of friends who came together to make games, we would love to play.

Where can I download The Lumees Mayhem?

The Lumees Mayhem is available right now on the iOS and Android store.

The Lumees are so cool, any merchandise available?

Nothing right now, but we hope to partner with some great people and start making merchandise very soon.

Can I send you Fan Art / Video / Media?

ABSOLUTELY! We welcome it with open arms. Tweet us @preanima or post it on our Facebook Page (with your name). Then we can credit your awesome work!

Will my uploaded videos get taken down or demonetize?

Feel free to upload footage of our game and tell everyone what you think, monetize away!. Credit us somewhere in the video info and let us know when you upload (you never know we may repost it on our channels).

Are you hiring?

Sorry we are not hiring this point in time, but when we are looking for new people to join the preanima family, we will post it here first!

If you have enquiries please email us at

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